Functional Development

Functional development focuses on Device simulation and Feature Design

What is Device Simulation?

The device simulator is designed to provide an accurate picture of how the app will look on the device. A simulator is a type of software that helps your computer run certain programs built for other operating systems. They are mainly used for iPhone and iPad devices that are unlike Android devices which can be easily emulated. The iOS simulator imitates iOS by sitting on top of the computer’s operating system and runs the required applications in it. But to run the iOS simulator, you only need to run it on macOS, because it requires Apple’s native Cocoa API. This Cocoa API is essential for GUI, runtime, and many other operations.

Why opt for Functional Development with Trugo?

With device simulation, Trugo verifies and validates the intended function of a product under development; this process also involves checking the manufacturability of a product. We make it possible for companies to have better-performing products, and release more products than their competitors by shortening development time. We show companies the working and problematic areas of their product design and offering suggestions on how to increase product performance. When we become a professional partner in your product development processes, there is a great reduction in the amount of money, energy, effort, and time used. These resources saved will enable you to have more time for further research and development of new projects.

Device Simulation for Virtual Testing & Validation

Device simulation includes a wide range of analyses that virtually test the behavior of a product under various operating and environmental conditions. As opposed to trial-and-error, a smart simulation process allows the targeted implementation of design choices in various stages of the development cycle. This drastically reduces the need for recurrent, time-consuming testing on expensive physical prototypes, and subsequently shortens the total development time.

Benefits of Device Simulators

  • Manufacturing efficiency evaluation
    ​The use of device simulation is not limited to evaluating product performance; simulation can also effectively determine the best manufacturing process itself. Often referred to as “virtual manufacturing”, this process includes the digitization of the production line environment and related equipment.

  • Simulation as a concept demonstration
    ​By combining with animation or computer graphics, rather than combining with digital data, device simulation can provide a more understandable demonstration of product behavior under certain conditions of use. Due to the graphically intensive presentation using animation, it is easier to observe the relationship between product components, user processing methods, natural environment, and other user variables.