Product Development

What is Product Development?

Product development refers to all or any of the stages involved in bringing a product from the concept or idea stage to market release.

Why opt for Product Development with Trugo?

Globally, all start-ups, midsize companies, and corporations are facing a similar challenge of creating world-class products or applications that their users prefer to use and engage with.

To build world-class digital applications or products, a committed foundation is needed that integrates an IT framework, robust delivery centers, and a dedicated development team. This is where we come in; Trugo helps you deal with these complex problems through our diverse range of solutions. We offer your company a dedicated development team that would walk your company through the steps of creating a world-class product that would stand the test of time.

Services included in Trugo’s Product Development

  • Product Strategy – Characterizing objectives and goals for the new product. 
  • Idea Generation – brainstorming ideas through inward and outside sources.
  • Screening – Condensing the amount of brainstormed ideas.
  • Concept Testing – Structuring an idea into a point or concept.
  • Business Analysis – Understanding the costs and benefits of new products and determine whether they meet the organizational goals.
  • Product Development – Developing the product.
  • Market Testing – Try to market the product through the initial release of the product.
  • Commercialization – Introducing the product to the public.

​ Benefits of hiring a Product Development Team

  • Flexibility: They help use resources effectively at any given point in time. Each product requires a unique combination of designers, developers, product managers, quality checkers, etc. This is advantageous when you decide to increase or decrease the pace based on the position of the product development stage.
  • Guaranteed Results: When you hire a dedicated team, they follow the prescribed procedures to create products. This consequently, improves productivity from the starting point of your project. Similarly, when the team has proven experience in developing similar projects, you can be confident about the result of your project.
  • Risk Mitigation: When you employ an accomplished and committed development team, they complete tasks considering the risks associated with operations and transactions. The worry of managing the tasks that you are probably unaware of is eliminated. Thus, a dedicated team will deliver you a risk-free result.
  • Access a Variety of Skills: Certain projects require special skills. When you hire a team of dedicated developers, you will not bear the burden of hiring full-time employees. Besides, when you hire dedicated developers, you can use their extensive skills, knowledge, expertise, and solutions to develop products.
  • Focus on your Business: When you hire a dedicated team of developers, you do not take the risk of developing the product yourself. This will help you focus on other key activities, such as branding, marketing, promotion, operations, finance, etc., which are also vital to your business.